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Mobile phone signal booster

In addition to cell phone batteries, we also provides mobile boosters manufactured by Anytone and Nikrans.

Advantages of Using a Mobile Booster

Today’s technology is increasingly going wireless. As more households cut the wires and jump on board to a communication liberation, 3g technology provides a great deal of internet access and networking capabilities. However, mobile phones are limited by output regulations and coverage zones, so in order to increase the signal throughout your entire home or office, you may need to use a mobile phone signal booster by Anytone brand.

Why Do I Need a Signal Booster?

Total wireless connectivity is an excellent resource for communication. It does have limitations to its effectiveness, though. Wireless connections are essentially electromagnetic radio signals that are transmitted via carrier waves. Electromagnetic signals weaken as the distance from the base increases. The further you are from the router or access point, the more limited your connection becomes.If a connection is wired, a longer cable is used to make the signal transmit farther. Wireless signals don't have that possibility, so an alternative method of extending the signal must be used.

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Pocellular offers large assortment of Li-Ion and Ni-MH batteries suitable for Ericsson, Nokia and Motorola mobiles. You are also welcome to order batteries for any other phone brand. Every battery set we offer, both Li-Ion and Ni-MH, is used with reliable and first-rate cell phones of Japanese and U.S. brands. Our items always meet or surpass standard specifications of a cell phone. Also we work with Nikrans company - mobile signal booster supplier. All Nikrans signal Booster have CE certificates from EU technical labs. Pocellular can also provide customs OEM and private labeling by request.

We also offer private label and custom OEM.

We are offer cell phone batteries manufacturer located in Canada
We provide mobile phone boosters by Anytone
We provide fast delivery to North America and Europe
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