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Frequently Asked Questions

1.How to Order
2.Does Pocellular offer retail service of wireless products?
3.How does a customer check your price?
4.How do I make my payment?
5.What are the special features of your products?
What are the Benefits of a wi-Fi Booster?

1.How to Order?
Step 1: From Pocellular.com home page, use the search box to select your product then click "GO" button. You will see a list of the products on a new page.

Step 2. If you intend to order a product from the list, just fill out the "QTY" box on the product line with the number of the amount you intend to order. If the number in "QTY" box is greater than "0", that means the product on the line is selected. You can select more than one product on the list.

Step 3. By clicking the button right below the list, the products you selected will be added to your order-list. You will see a new page which displays all the items in your order-list.

At any time, by clicking the "order list" button on the top-left corner of home page or other sub-pages, you will be brought to the order list page.

You can go back to home page to continue selecting other products.

Step 4. On the order-list page, you can choose to drop the list by clicking the "discard" button, or you can submit it by clicking "submit" button.

Step 5. By clicking "submit", you will be directed to a form page. Fill out the form and click "Send Order" button, your order information will be sent to Pocellular.

2. Does Pocellular offer retail service of wireless products?
Yes, it does. There is no minimum order for the products.

3. How does a customer check your price?
A customer can check our prices through FAX or E-MAIL.  We will always give you very competitive prices upon your inquiry.

4. How do I make my payment?
Depend on where you are.

If you are a customer from North America, you can make your payment by credit cards, sight check or money order.

If you are an international customer, you can make your payment by wire transfer or by letter of credit.

5. What are the special features of your products?
Pocellular products are very reliable and with excellent performance. We use well-known U.S and Japanese brands of Nickel Metal-Hydride (Ni-MH) and Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion) cells with our products. We guarantee our products meet or even exceed the original phone specifications.

What are the Benefits of a wi-Fi Booster?

Wi-Fi boosters, sometimes called amplifiers, connect to the router or the access point and boost the signal transmission. A quality booster can triple the original strength of the signal, providing a clear connection to your network from anywhere in your home. Some people have low signal due to the materials used in construction of the home, like thick walls or metal, that block the transmission patterns. A booster can help strengthen the signal in these situations, and are actually one of the simplest solutions to making your connection more stable. There are very little requirements to installing a booster, and it can be done in as quickly as 15 minutes. Instantly, you’ll notice an increase in your signal strength, which can alter the way you’re used to using your network. A stronger signal means less disconnects and faster speed connections.

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